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 About Egaragesales .....

What is Egaragesales about? is Australia's most comprehensive Garage Sale website. Our mission is to create a dedicated place where buyers, sellers and general garage sale enthusiasts, can come together and enjoy the many conveniences and benefits that online advertising can provide. Buyers: Save petrol and save time by searching online in the comfort of your own home. No need to guess where the things you want are. Egaragesales ads will tell you. Sellers: Place your AD and let Egaragesales provide the exposure you need, leaving you free to organise your garage sale. Either way, its fun, its fast and its excellent exposure!
Egaragesales is dedicated to all things garage sales. You are already reading ads - so we won't burden you with hundreds of google ads or other unrelated ads. You are here about garage sales and that's what this site does best. Egaragesales provides lots of free tips, hints and articles to help make garage sales successful for both the seller and the buyer. Sellers should make sure they download our free checklist to help ensure a great day. Everything can be found in the left menu. Advertisers can create detailed, descriptive AD's to help buyers find your great bargains more easily. Egaragesales provides plenty of flexibility to the advertiser allowing ads to be edited or postponed at any time. We make sure the buyer is always kept up to date at all times. Buyers are better informed so they can plan ahead and get to the exact garage sales that have what they want. Egaragesales really does make your Garage Sale experience that much easier.
Our services are designed to cater for both Garage Sale sellers and the all-important buyers:
Seller Benefits:
Unbeatable exposure - advertise your garage sale in Australia's biggest marketplace - the Internet!
Comprehensive listings - describe your sale in as much detail as you like to attract the right buyers for what you have
Change your ad details any time. You can even postpone your sale if you need to - at no extra cost. And we now go one step better. If you didn't sell enough and need to have another sale, you get a free ad for the same address.
No time restrictions - advertise your sale for as long as you like prior to its start time - or even the night before if you're late
Featured Ads - upload photos of items for sale to give buyers even more reason to see you first ($5 for up to 10 photos)
When you place an ad on Egaragesales, you get to buy our big, bright corflute signs at up to 30% discount
We guarantee your privacy by witholding your street address before your sale. You decide when it is to be displayed...more
We offer you our unique Rain Guarantee. If rain forces you to cancel, advertise again for free....more
Best of all, Egaragesales ads without photos are just $10! for all you can say and advertise as far in advance as you want.
Use our simple city or suburb search to find those exact items your looking for. Don't waste time and fuel guessing.
Check out articles, tips and hints to help you buy wisely.
Start planning your weekend garage sale bargain hunt during the week before. No Saturday morning panic. No rush.
Bookmark your favourite sales for easy reference
Other free and fantastic features:
Tips and Hints - successful garage sales should be fun and easy - we show you how...more
Make a Sign - our helpful and useful sign-making tool...more
Its no secret that the Internet is replacing mediums such as newspapers as the most efficient form of communicating, advertising, selling and buying. The benefits are obvious and immeasurable and doing business on the Internet is the smart way. The power of the internet! Who could argue with that?
Internet replacing newspapers as the place to advertise garage sales - helping Buyers and Sellers meet!
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