Garage sale advertising - How to Diversify for Best Results
By John Romaine
Friday, 13 November 2009
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Lets face it, people use a variety of ways in order to find garage sales in their area. So it comes as no surprise that many are left wondering where on earth all their buyers are when they only use a single method of advertising or promotion.

Whilst it may be easier to simply whack up a garage sale sign on the side of the road, or advertise online, think about who your customers are, and where they’re likely to find you.

Im always encouraging users to diversify their advertising efforts. I mean, promotion of your garage sale is everything – without it you may as well stay in bed. So getting the word out is absolutely vital.

Okay so how can I diversify my advertising efforts?

Firstly, signage. Probably the single most important factor of attracting local attention to your sale. Be sure to get clear, readable signage up as early as possible around the streets of your neighbourhood. Most often, people will just “stop in” on their way back from the shop. Placement of your signage is important too. No point in putting your signs up where no-ones going to see them! Try local corner stores, busy intersections, and so on. Be mindful however of local laws in your area before doing so.

Secondly, the great debate – newspaper or online advertising. It seems a large majority of shoppers are still looking to the weekend newspaper in order to find garage sales in their area. Whether this is just a habit or a preference its hard to say, but in order to capture both those who still have their noses pressed against newspapers as opposed to those who browse the internet, you really should consider advertising both online AND in the local newspaper. This way, you position yourself strongly amongst potential buyers of different advertising mediums.

Lastly, getting the word out! Flyers, telling friends and sharing links on social networking sites like twitter and facebook. If you place an ad, then why not share it with your friends? Imagine you have 500 friends on various social networking sites and each of your friends have 500 friends – that’s 250,000 people that will know about your garage sale in a single click! That’s definitely something that can really boost interest on the day of your garage sale!

Alright, so now when youre sitting in your garage wondering where on earth everyone is, have a think about just how much effort you put towards your advertising efforts and how next time – you can improve on these and generate more sales!

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