Garage Sales And Bad Weather. Some Help.
By Robert Polman
Saturday, 29 May 2010
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Introducing the Egaragesales Rain Guarantee.

Sadly we are not magical and we can't promise good weather for your garage sale .... BUT .... we can help you to hold your washed out garage sale on another day. If your garage sale is cancelled due to a weather event, and you decide to hold your garage sale again, will offer you a replacement ad FREE of charge.

All you need to do is:

  1. Make sure you write down your ad number when you create your first advertisement as you will need it to claim your free ad.

  2. If weather has cancelled your garage sale, simply create a new ad for your new garage sale date. The garage sale address must be the same as before.

  3. The first words in your description must be "Ad xxxx rained out." and then complete your description as before.

          Note that xxxx is the ad number of your cancelled garage sale.

  4. When you complete your ad and go to the payment page, you must select Money Order to finish your ad - but don't send one.

  5. When we approve your ad, we will remove the Ad Rained Out comment and your FREE replacement ad will be listed.


You no longer need to leave your ad to the last minute in case bad weather strikes. Advertise early with confidence and let more people read your ad. Remember, if you need to postpone your garage sale for other reasons before the big day arrives, simply log into Members Area and change your garage sale date.

Every free ad comes with our hopes for a perfect day.