Garage Sale Laws and Council Laws Bylaws
By Robert Polman
Tuesday, 1 June 2010
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Note: links to specific councils can be found below.  

Garage Sales are a very popular way to sell your second hand goods when you've got a lot of them. Council laws come into play, but finding out what they actually are hasn't been as easy as I thought. I decided to email every council I could find an email address for, and ask some basic questions about what controls, if any, council place on the holding of garage sales.

It is interesting how the attitude changes between the various councils from "don't really care" to "very strict". And of course, any information presented here, is always subject to change. But there does seem to be an overall trend in Councils' attitude towards garage sales. Councils can be flexible, but don't push the system; keep in good with your neighbours as councils will act on complaints; if you post signs on council land, get them down as a first priority at the end of your sale; do not use your footpath at all; don't turn your garage sale into a regular business activity as different laws can apply.

The specifics of each council can be found by clicking on the links below.

I asked the following questions: 

  • Are permits required?

  • Are there any laws controlling the posting of garage sale signs?

  • Are there limits to how many garage sales one person can hold per year?

  • Are there laws about using the footpath in front of the person's house?

  • Is there a page on the web site that covers the laws relating to garage sales?

 I will use this format to report on what each council has indicated as I receive replies.  








1) Laws are always subject to change.

2) If there is any doubt, you need to confirm current council laws.

3) provides this information in good faith, but will not be held liable or responsible for any losses or penalties incurred as a result of changes to, or misinterpretation of, current council laws as amended from time to time.