Privacy Features of Egaragesales Advertisements
By Robert Polman
Friday, 29 July 2011
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 Egaragesales Ensures Privacy of Advertisers is Protected As Much As Possible.

Privacy is a big issue these days. You need to tell people where you are so they can buy your goods, but do you need to leave your details exposed for longer than they need to be?

Once your address is printed in a newspaper, it can't be removed after your sale. Some garage sales web sites keep your address viewable to the public well after your garage sale is over. And if you advertise a week or two in advance, I've had feedback that some enterprising buyers try to look at your stuff days before every one else.

Egaragesales includes a number of unique features which ensure your street address is only displayed for as long as necessary to invite people to your garage sale. These features include:

  • Only your suburb is displayed when your ad lists. Your street name does not appear until 24 hours before the start of your garage sale. This ensures people don't bother you too early. However, if YOU choose, you can select to show your street name up to 2 weeks before the start of your sale. It's totally up to you.

  • Your name and contact details are not displayed by Egaragesales. If you want people to contact you, simply include your contact details in your ad description. It's totally your choice.

  • Sometimes we are contacted by buyers who want to contact an advertiser. Egaragesales will never pass on your contact details. Instead we will pass on the contact details of the buyer to you, and it is your choice to contact the buyer.

  • When your garage sale is over, your street address is again hidden from public view. You won't be bothered by anyone after your sale is finished - unless you have included contact details in your ad description of course.

At Egaragesales, we believe we provide a safe and secure way to advertise your garage sale. You can advertise well in advance knowing you won't be bothered unless you want to be. And your garage sale address won't appear months later in a cached Google Search result.



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