Respecting Your Neighbours During Sale Day
By John Romaine
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
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Its Saturday, 6am, the big day of your garage sale. The signs are up, your garage is open, the driveway chockers full of second hand goodies and must have bargains. People are arriving, and have been since quarter to six, and the place is buzzing. You have 30 odd people all busy haggling in the front yard, items being purchased, cars everywhere, and vans and trailers being loaded up with furniture, trampolines and coffee tables. You're really quite overwhelmed with the turnout, but ecstatic with how much interest your garage sale is drawing and the potential earnings coming in. Things are going better than expected!

Isnt this fantastic? Perhaps not, ask your neighbour.

As 4 people struggle to carry a wall unit to their car, dragging it across the concrete drive at what seems like 300 decibles, dogs barking from all directions and no one making any effort to be quiet, you happen to glance across to adjoining properties only to realise that your neighbours want to kill you.

Whoops! You've been so busy and involved with things that you've completely forgotten about common courtesy and good manners!

Remember, holding a garage sale, especially one that starts quite early, involves being mindful of your neighbours. Here are a few tips to ensure your neighbours wont egg your house after sale day!


Ensure to keep noise levels down to a minimum when possible. There shouldnt be a driveway auction over a $2 egg slicer at 5:30 in the morning!


Ensure people know where they can and cannot park! If possible position your own cars, signage or wheelie bins to prevent people parking across neighbours driveways or driving over prize winning rose gardens!


A sure fire way of keeping your neighbours happy is to get them involved! Having a group or "street" garage sale not only boosts the number of items for sale, but it lowers advertising costs and lifts community spirit!


Be sure when your garage sale is over that there isnt crap everywhere! Ropes, signs, packing material and whatever else that may happen to blow across the yard into your neighbours.


Always let your neighbours know that you are intending to hold a garage sale. Let them know that you will do your best to reduce noise and any other disturbances, but at least make them aware! This way they can at least be somewhat prepared.


Theres nothing wrong with wandering over at the end of the day and thanking the neighbours for their tolerance. Be sure to sit down and have a cuppa with them if you can, always helps.

Remember to be mindful of your neighbours on the day of your garage sale, and not  only will you make some great money, but your neighbours will love you for it!