How to Price 1,000 Items in 10 Minutes or Less
By John Romaine
Monday, 6 October 2008
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Lets face it, when it comes to pricing your items, it can be a tiresome process. Especially if you have hundreds of items for sale, and they're all a different price. Just the thought of what's involved would make anyone want to postpone the sale for another week. Labels here, stickers there, different coloured markers, prices scibbled all over the place. What to do? How much to charge? Where to start??? It all just seems to be too much hard work.

Well, there is an easier way! And this way is by using a simple, yet effective method - what is it? See below!

Have you ever spent, hours just trying to sort out, how much you want for things, then trying to group them together into some sort of logical placement, only to change your mind in 5 minutes, then have to start again. Meaning having to re-label everything, re-price items and perhaps, well just plain giving up and going back inside for another cuppa.

The secret is in coloured stickers. Take a look at our simple pricing chart below. 



As you can see each coloured dot represents your intended pricing, per item. Once you have settled on your pricing, the colour of the dots you have, and how you wish to lay everything out on the day - its just a matter of slapping coloured dots on everything and putting up your pricing chart, as we have done above! How easy is that? 

Sure beats having to write labels and scribble pricing on everything. And it sure beats having no pricing on your items at all. Even though this is the route most people take, it can become quite annoying being asked 300 times "how much for the toaster...?"

People can see immediately just how much you are asking for your items, without having to bother you - which comes in especially handy during busy times.

This way, is much easier, its quick and it will have you garage saleing in no time! Remember, for odds and ends it may still be just as easy to place them in a large box and mark it with "Everything in Here $2"