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Home > Garage Sales General > Carl's Walk For Change - Over $2624-00 raised!

Carl's Walk For Change - Over $2624-00 raised!
By John Romaine
Thursday, 2 October 2008
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John Romaine

John is the founder and creator of egaragesales. He takes care of everything, right through from developing the site, to writing articles, assisting members and sitting up til 3am sending out garage sale signs and answering emails. His interests include bodybuilding and e-commerce.

John Romaine has written 59 article(s) for egaragesales.

The following information was sent in from Carl's mother - Raewyn.

Around 2-3 hundred people turned up on the day, including Channel 7, Brisbane lions mascot, The Commonwealth Bank Manager and staff (Orion Shopping centre), the school students, teachers and principal, Family 96.5 fm, various bands and the general public. The Walk-4-Change started went from 1-3pm. There was a sausage sizzle (organized and donated by the Commonwealth Bank with all funds going to the walk), live bands played music and was a great day. Springfield Lakes State School principal, teachers and students supported Carl by getting their own sponsors and walking with Carl.

The total amount raised was $2624-00! Other prizes donated to the Walk-4-Change included a bank account with $200-00 in it for the child who raised the most money donated by the Commonwealth Bank, Orion, Web-page donated from John Romaine on to widen awareness, Free passes to Dream World and Australia Zoo, a signed portrait of the Irwin Family, CD's donated by radio stations and many McDonalds vouchers.

Retina Qld Research, Springfield Lakes State School and KNect Kids Youth Group will receive a third of the funds each.

Carl had a wonderful day and hopes to continue the Walk-4-Change on a yearly basis.

Carl thanks everyone who helped him make this walk possible.

It's been great to see little Carl take this on and be successful with it, good on you Carl!

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