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Have you just recently had a garage sale? Well perhaps you have some great advice or tips for others on how your garage sale went. Maybe some tips on how best to price your items, what they sold for, what sold and what didnt and how to haggle like a pro! The following articles are published so that members can share their experiences and bring together Australia's garage sale community.
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Very helpful site 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Catherine Mosely from Ringwood, Victoria 1761 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 15 August 2010
What a great site this is. I was very impressed with how quickly my ad was approved (even at 5pm on a Friday evening), and how quickly I have had a response to a problem I had via email. I'm impressed with the price and how many people actually came because of the ad I placed on here. Thanks egaragesales :) ... read more
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First timer had a crazy time. 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Kath from Baulkham Hills, New South Wales 1914 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 9 August 2010
Hi, I just wanted to say great work with the website. I had my first garage sale last weekend and it was crazy. I had people sitting out the front of my house in their cars at 5.30am!!! Not sure if I'd do it again, too stressful but found your website very handy. Cheers. ... read more
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Big Bright Red Garage Sale Signs!
Thanks for valuable info on the website 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Jo from Elwood, Victoria 2031 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 1 August 2010
My sale went well. Even though I advertised as 8am start there were still early callers! Your website was a great help! Very informative. The garage sale checklist was excellent. As this was my 1st GS and I like to be organised, it was a great guide. My only disappointment was that the ad didn't appear in the local paper. I did advertise, but it never h ... read more
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Why must changes to my ad be approved? 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Debbie from Greenbank, Queensland 1941 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 11 July 2010
The website says sellers can "Update your advertisement at any time". But I think it is pointless making changes to your ad when everytime you do you have to wait for your ad to be "approved". I think this is a disadvantage to seller's, as people who are searching for garage sales will not be able to view yours until it is "approved" again and who knows how ... read more
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Thanks for the refund towards our ad 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Susan from Croydon, Victoria 2001 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 27 June 2010
Many thanks for your offer to refund part of the cost of advertising our garage sale in our local press. What a great idea. We spent $49.50 on placing an advertisement in the Maroondah Leader. Our garage sale was a great success we feel largely due to the advertising we did, in which your website played a major role - so much information could be put ... read more
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Hope this helps 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Christine Makepeace from Boronia, Victoria 1700 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 27 June 2010
We used the coloured dot method to price most of our things and we put signs around saying how much each colour was we had a lot of positive comments about this. The weather was terrible, can't help that, so our sales where pretty slow we put up lots of tarps and we were quite organised. The tips & hints were really helpful I recommend them to others. Thank ... read more
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Thanks for help with cost of newspaper ad 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Simon from Greensborough, Victoria 1749 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Wednesday, 2 June 2010
I advertised my sale in the newspaper classifieds with their online service and was able to include your web site, so thanks for the $15. Placing the online ad in egaragesales was great also as alot of the people who came to our garage sale saw our ad on egaragesales. Thankyou for having such a great website. We will definitely use your website again if w ... read more
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Out Of Town Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Kerry from Nerang, Queensland 1949 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 24 May 2010
I had a successful day. I put up my ad 2 days before my sale and had 27 hits on my ad so that was good. I also put an ad in the paper. Wasn't til three quarters way through I thought to ask where they saw ad. But ones I did ask, it was through paper. But if I ever have another one or know of someone having one, I would recommend advertising through both so ... read more
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Place a Garage Sale Advertisement
Garage Sale Review 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by karen from Glen Iris, Victoria 1964 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 8 May 2010
Had a garage sale today which was unfortunately quite slow. Ended up making about $450 on the day, but had heaps more to sell. I know exactly where we stuffed up, I should have advertised in the herald sun and local leader paper. All I did was advertise online, did a letterbox drop and posted up signs and flyers around the community. Most of the people w ... read more
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Moving House Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Mary from Chadstone, Victoria 2286 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 10 April 2010
We had a fantastic day and sold 95% of all our goods. All the furniture was sold, people that did not have a trailer or van paid for the items first and then organised the goods to be collected later on in the day. I had mine inside the house as I had already moved into my new place and that worked out well. I priced everything quite cheap and people did not ... read more
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