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Have you just recently had a garage sale? Well perhaps you have some great advice or tips for others on how your garage sale went. Maybe some tips on how best to price your items, what they sold for, what sold and what didnt and how to haggle like a pro! The following articles are published so that members can share their experiences and bring together Australia's garage sale community.
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Moving House Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Mary from Chadstone, Victoria 2672 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 10 April 2010
We had a fantastic day and sold 95% of all our goods. All the furniture was sold, people that did not have a trailer or van paid for the items first and then organised the goods to be collected later on in the day. I had mine inside the house as I had already moved into my new place and that worked out well. I priced everything quite cheap and people did not ... read more
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Submitted by lynette from westcourt, Queensland 2028 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 9 April 2010
when you have a garage sale get the kids involved,let them have there own little stall+let them sell there own things. Be prepared to haggle as you want to get rid of things or you wouldnt be having a garsge sale,what you dont sell put on your footpath with a free sign on it,save you haveing to get rid of it later+you still helping others out who just cant a ... read more
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Successful Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Jacki Drysdale from Noble Park North, Victoria 2097 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Friday, 19 March 2010
We had a terrific day. The garage sale signs were great. Thank you very much for helping us achieve a successful sale. regards, Jacki ... read more
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Garage sale, Vermont 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Alex Clark from Vermont, Victoria 2570 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 15 March 2010
Items $1 to $3 went quite well.,except books, CDs casettes, picture frames. Garden tools, & furniture disappointing. We tried to price according to Opportunity shops. People seemed to want to pay less than that. We put an ad in the local paper & posted signs at each end of the street. We priced nearly all the items & also asked for offers. We placed all ... read more
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Garage Sale Fernvale 13-14th March 2010 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Dani-Lee Kershaw from Fernvale, Queensland 2282 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 14 March 2010
Saturday was great - very busy. Sunday not so busy: only did about 1/5 of the sales we did on Saturday. A few people came looking for the specific items listed on the advertisment and these sold early on the Saturday - usually for the asked for price. ... read more
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Garage / Moving Sale Review 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Mark Harvey from Robina, Queensland 2214 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 14 March 2010
Very successful sale conucted on Saturday / Sunday. We had many large items to sell as we are downsizing and we managed to move virtually everything - leather sofa $120, Sofa Bed $100, Washing Machine $70, Cane Chaise Lounge $100, Small Freezer $90, TV stand $30, TV $30 ... read more
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Yvonne Berwick Melbourne 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Yvonne Bates from Berwick, Victoria 3372 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 8 March 2010
I have just had the best GarageSale ever! ( Despite the Melbourne storms which held off till after the finish time ). I wanted to ask along the way how many saw this on eGaragesales, but we were just so busy SAT AND SUN amazingly!!, ( Dont expect early callers on the Sunday though...its ussually lunchtime you time to go and recheck all the ... read more
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My Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by belinda rayment from Marsfield, New South Wales 2109 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Sunday, 7 March 2010
I asked everybody how they heard about the sale. The signs recommended on egarage sales assisted and so did the $10 ad I placed. I placed signs in the neighbourhood and at end of the street the day before and somebody stole them.. (I had to re-do them. so check on morning of your sale to make sure signs are in place.) I wish I had organised a 2 day sale ... read more
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How Best to Price Your Items
Happy with Garage Sale 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by melinda King from GYMEA, New South Wales 2063 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Saturday, 6 March 2010
I spent about 4 hours pricing my items & setting up garage. Pricing everything before the sale definately saved time on the day deciding how much to sell items for. I didnt have any early birds, sale started at 8am & I had about 10 people all arrive around 815am. Big baby items like bath, rockers etc sold straight away, baby clothes next biggest seller. Wo ... read more
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Clutter Clearance 0 COMMENTS
Submitted by Louise from Vermont, Victoria 2086 VIEWS
DATE SUBMITTED : Monday, 1 March 2010
We held a short (Saturday only, 8AM-1PM) garage sale and made approx $500. We advertised on egaragesales and 3AW. We were fortunate to be on a road with good thoroughfare so had minimal signage. Customers came in spurts so it was good to have some extra bodies around to help! A crowd draws a crowd too. Price everything and be prepared to haggle. ... read more
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